Post Office

‘Welcome to our Post Office, complete with the old Kaukapakapa Post Office’s sign, and an old Helensville exchange board. Remember those scratchy pen nibs we used to dip in inkwells and address our postcards and sign our postal notes with? Or was that before your time?

Or, were you an operator on the manual telephone exchange? Perhaps you, or a loved one signed your name on it. (It went electronic in 1983.) Younger visitors might marvel (or giggle) at such primitive equipment now that their tiny devices can be connected to anywhere in the world in seconds. But it worked fine at the time.

The time-line around the walls, illustrated with black and white photos, shows the advances made in the postal service from 1863, when John McLeod served as the first Te Awaroa/Helensville Postmaster, to the present day Post Shop at PaperPlus.

The handsome old Helensville Post Office in the main street is now privately owned and also features as the police station in the popular tv series, “The Brokenwood Mysteries.”

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